• Development History
  • In 2004,  The world's first invention of pulse type telescopic lamp, has the bidirectional locking, pulse electromagnetic technology, and 
         automatic error correction function, for the market to provide stable and reliable, long life of the product the revolutionary 
    In 2005,  Took the lead in the introduction of ultra fast startup of constant power output stability is greatly improved the performance of 
         the product. Automatic matching of various lighting the ballast, eliminates the impact of lighting color  temperature 
         and brightness, to become the industry benchmark.
    In 2006,  The whole series of products won the European Luxemburg E/e Mark certificate:E13 10R-02 3734

    In 2007,  Won the "Chinese ten major automobile brand" the honorary title.

    In 2008,  The world's first launch of thin ballast, compatible with the decoding function.
    In 2009,  The new industrial building was completed,the title”Zhongshan world Lighting Electric Co.; Ltd”
    In 2010,  The world’s first ultra-thin series HID xenon lamp ballast.
    In 2011,  Germany Rhine TUV awarded the GMC global manufacturer of high quality.
    In 2012,  LED lamp for America UL/ Canada CUL certification.
    In 2013,  The world's first invention double decoding Almighty Canbus xenon lamp, through the existing market 99% models.
    In 2014,  Integrated xenon lamp, intelligent quick start Canbus universal decoder, successfully cracked the market any models.
    In 2015,  Introduction of thin one double decoding Canbus ballast, ballast, in situ intelligent decoder, can through the existing market, 
         99.9% models.